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Twin Oaks holds classes for 2-year olds through kindergarten. We are fully accredited and licensed by New York State Department of Education and the Office for Children & Family Services. OUR CURRICULUM At Twin Oaks, we have a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the whole child…. physically and mentally. We use a broad methodology that focuses on a student-centered learning approach. We apply differentiated instruction to capitalize on a child’s strengths. We incorporate the following into our curriculum:
  • Focusing on meanings in reading
  • Expressive language development
  • Expression of ideas through written text
  • Integration of literacy in all academic areas (science, social studies, math)
  • Math conceptualization
  • Culturally diversified literature
  • Reading instruction that includes phonics-based learning with a whole language approach to comprehension and sight word recognition.
  • Movement and Music to complement instruction
One of our goals is to ensure an effective learning environment embracing all the differences in ability. Children play, explore, and develop by participating in creative, challenging hands-on experiences. Twin Oaks promotes enthusiastic learning with individualized instruction, a high faculty to child ratio, and a positive, nurturing environment.
  • Our Toddler Separation Program is filled with love and caring to ease this transitional stage. Three teachers lead a class ranging from 7 to 12 children in art, music literature, baking, movement, and socialization.
  • The 3-year old program allows students to discover the fun of numbers, letters, colors, shapes, music, dance, dramatics, and socialization through fun-filled activities.
  • The 4-year old Pre-Kindergarten program uses a Whole Language approach to reinforce and develop the basic skills needed for success in kindergarten. The curriculum encompasses phonics, reading readiness, math, science, social studies, and Spanish language learning in a creative multi-sensory, hands-on experience. We follow the New York State recommended curriculum guidelines.
We are proud to have individual specialists in Music, Creative Movement, yoga and so much more to enhance our programs. Additionally, our school is situated on our campgrounds so we take full advantage of the outdoors whenever we can! Children experience our playgrounds and our brand new turf fields at every chance! The learning continues in our outdoor space. The Twin Oaks Experience is education at its best! In addition to our literacy-rich, hands-on curriculum, we offer many additional activities to complement our programs.
  • All of our 3-year old and up classes go on age-appropriate, educationally relevant field trips. Some of our trips include seeing live action plays and visiting various local museums.
  • We often have special guests pay visits to our classes as well. Local firefighters, police officers, doctors, and dentists work cooperatively with our teachers to present interesting and informative lessons to the students, complete with hands-on activities.
  • During the school year we schedule musical performances and entertaining shows as well! We enjoy participating in holiday sing-alongs and magic shows with the children. We also have guest readers, parent participation, and holiday parties!
Call for an appointment to visit the friendly, home-like surrounding of Twin Oaks!