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Testimonials from the Merrick Moms page on Facebook!

January 19, 2016

“Love twin oaks! My daughter is so happy there and I am thrilled with her teachers and all the staff!! It really is like a family!”   
Randi Pollowitz 

“Both of my children have been there and it was the most amazing experience for both. Not only is the level of teaching incredible, but the love thay they give the children is one of a kind. I cant say enough great things about it.”  
Courtney Lerner-Jacobs 

“All 3 of my children have been there we couldn’t be happier”
Susan Esposito-Lombardo 

“There is no place like Twin Oaks. Best pre school hands down, best and most loving, nurturing and caring staff you will ever find, no question about it!”
Lisa Silverstein

“Love love love twin Oaks. My first went there for school and camp from ages 2-5. My daughter started this year and she loves it.”
Stacey Gorny

“Amazing program. My daughter currently in second grade and entered kindergarten reading and writing…my son is in the pre-k. Love the staff–nurturing and extremely accommodating.”
Melissa Frank

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So happy!
We love seeing all the new pictures of the activities you are doing on the grounds!
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Fall Update
Fall Fun & Festivities!


Fall at Twin Oaks is always a special time of year.  Since we are amongst the tall trees, we are witness to the season unfolding in front of our eyes.   Squirrels scurry about collecting acorns, leaves fall from the trees in the vibrant autumnal colors, and our students begin changing over to warmer clothing…..


All the classes have settled into their daily routines and are well on their way to a fabulous, fun, and educational year.   Expect to see amazing projects, interesting newsletters, and the happiest children around!



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School’s Out for Summer
There is always something so bittersweet about the end of the school year. Of course, kids are super ready for the summertime fun and the teachers are ready for rest and rejuvenation but it also means that our kids have yet another year of school under their belts. Every June, don’t we all reflect on how fast the school year went and how quickly the time flies?

Twin Oaks 2014/2015 school year comes to an end on June 12. All our teachers wish the students well and we truly look forward to seeing them next September. And we proudly send our Pre-K students off to Kindergarten with all the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful students in elementary school.

While we will miss them, it is only a short matter of time before they forget us, their earliest teachers. Thankfully for us, we NEVER forget them. Have a GREAT summer!
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