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What are my choices for the length of my child’s school day? Does he have to attend five days a week?

We have a variety of class options for each age level. If you view our <> form, you can see which options suit your needs. There are different options for each age level and you can select the number of days you’d like.

If I have an emergency, can you take my child home to an alternate location? Can my child go home on a play date from the bus?

Absolutely! We will always do our best to accommodate an emergency! Call us as soon as possible so we can work it out and put you at ease. Your child can go home with another child as long as there is an available seat on the bus for your child. Many of our buses are filled so we cannot determine if it is possible until after attendance is taken and bus counts are drawn. We require a written note or a direct phone call when a change is requested. ALL CHANGES in transportation must be in the office at least two hours before your child’s scheduled dismissal. Any and all changes in transportation must be made through the office (623-4550) and NOT via the bus driver. We do not offer changes in transportation during the first week of school.

Do you have any medical services at Twin Oaks?

We have a Registered Nurse on staff at all times.

My child has severe allergies. Can you accommodate this?

We are ready, willing, and able to accommodate students with most types of allergies. We keep abreast of the student’s specific need. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your child’s safety and well-being in school. Twin Oaks strives to maintain a peanut / tree-nut free environment. We do not allow the bringing in of any peanut / tree-nut products or any products made in facilities that process peanut or tree-nut products. We also accommodate all special dietary needs, including gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, and others.

What are the security protocols in place to ensure that my child is safe on grounds?

Our school is fully fenced in with two main entry/exits that are under continuous surveillance via closed-circuit video monitoring. All visitors must be buzzed in and then sign in when they come on grounds.

Do you have Early Drop Off or Late Pickup?

We can provide care for your child both before and after school daily. Our early morning drop off begins at 7:00 am and our late pickup is until 5:30. There is an additional charge for the Care Program. Please call to inquire about the cost.